Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaw

No, I'm really not a cowboy. Thats the truth as well as the title of this piece.

please terrence, don't hurt em

Who doesn't love the Hammer? Me. The vh1 movie is a pretty spectacular way to waste an afternoon but the music just doesn't move me. maybe because i'm jealous of how Hammer can dance. if i could dance like that people would say,"hey! look at that guy. he's a good dancer." anyway, this pice is titled "I don't know whether I'm going in or staying out", it's about how uncool i am.

don't be shy

this next piece is called "it's not like we are the heirs to anything" and was done before the first. its a portrait of those wonderful folks full of righteous feelings of entitlement. just because your preacher told you so doesn't make it true, go out and find your own truths before regurgitating some other sleepwalkers ramblings.

hello world

hi, i'm gonna sart to blog my work as i create it and would love to hear what opinions are out there. this first picture is calles, " my hoodie made me do it" . its a prtrait of the tired hipster, beating about the bushes searching for the next nugget of cool to loot for their own.