Sunday, July 8, 2007

Oh Mr Baron!

this picture is all about the serene contement and feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing absolutely nothing at all.


Becky said...

Hello! I love your work! I have many favorites..."It can't slip through your fingers if you don't reach for it," "I'm unloading the Ballast as quickly as I can," "It's like tightrope walking with goat feet," "Please wait a moment while I slip into my weird," "The Baron of Beige,"
I cried when I saw "It can't slip through your fingers if you don't reach for it" because I am an amateur musician who is trying to become a professional and often I don't feel like trying because I hate the crush of failure, but this drawing is so very of the most inspiring things I have ever seen!
I was first introduced to your work from my brother-in-law's wife, who ordered "The Baron of Beige" and has it on her living room wall. She received it while I was visiting during Christmas and at first I thought it was the oddest thing and didn't understand it at all, then I grew to love it the more I looked at it...and then I found your other works...GENIUS! I wish you much success and hope for the day that I can afford one of your pieces for my wall! One question though...the lettering around the Baron's head...what does it say? If I could take a guess: "Wussbag?" hehe.

Terrence Payne said...

Yes, it does say wussbag.